15 DIY Kitchen Table Benches Solutions [Easy & Space-Saving]

diy kitchen table benches

Introduction to diy kitchen table benches

diy kitchen table benches

Are you looking to add a touch of creativity and functionality to your kitchen? Diy kitchen table benches are the perfect solution! Not only do they provide extra seating space, but they also add a charming and unique element to your kitchen decor. In this article, we will explore 15 easy and space-saving DIY kitchen table bench ideas that you can create from scratch or repurpose materials to craft the perfect bench for your kitchen.

Before we dive into the exciting DIY projects, let’s understand the importance of sustainable sourcing and how these DIY solutions contribute to a greener lifestyle.

Sustainable Sourcing: An Eco-Friendly Approach

Before embarking on any DIY project, it’s essential to consider sustainable sourcing. By using repurposed or reclaimed materials, you reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of your project. Choosing eco-friendly options aligns with Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) principle, promoting a more environmentally conscious approach to content creation.

Now, let’s get into the DIY kitchen table bench solutions!

1. Repurposed Pallet Bench: Turn Old Pallets into a Charming Kitchen Table Bench

diy kitchen table benches

Repurposing old pallets is an excellent way to create a unique and rustic kitchen table bench. Pallets are readily available and can be transformed into a beautiful bench with a few simple steps. The keyword here is “Repurposed Pallet Bench,” highlighting the use of recycled materials and making the project budget-friendly.

To create this bench:

  1. Gather old pallets and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Sand down any rough edges to avoid splinters.
  3. Assemble the pallets into a sturdy bench structure.
  4. Add a coat of paint or stain to match your kitchen’s style.

2. Floating Wall-Mounted Bench: Create a Space-Saving Bench Attached to the Wall

If you have limited floor space in your kitchen, a floating wall-mounted bench is an excellent space-saving solution. This type of bench is attached to the wall, eliminating the need for legs and maximizing floor space. The keyword “Floating Wall-Mounted Bench” emphasizes the space-saving aspect, catering to those with smaller kitchens.

To create this bench:

  1. Measure and mark the wall where the bench will be mounted.
  2. Install wall brackets or supports securely.
  3. Attach a wooden plank or cushioned surface to the brackets.

3. Classic Farmhouse Bench: Build a Rustic Farmhouse-Style Bench for a Cozy Kitchen

diy kitchen table benches

For those who love the charm of farmhouse-style decor, a classic farmhouse bench is a must-have addition to the kitchen. This bench exudes warmth and coziness, making it a perfect spot for family gatherings. The keyword “Classic Farmhouse Bench” highlights the rustic and cozy ambiance it brings to the kitchen.

To build this bench:

  1. Select quality wood with a distressed finish for an authentic farmhouse look.
  2. Measure and cut the wood for the seat and legs.
  3. Assemble the bench using sturdy joinery techniques.
  4. Optionally, add cushions or upholstery for extra comfort.

4. Convertible Bench Table: Craft a Dual-Purpose Bench That Transforms into a Table

A convertible bench table is a brilliant space-saving solution, especially for kitchens with limited dining space. This versatile piece of furniture can serve as a bench for seating and quickly transform into a table for dining. The keyword “Convertible Bench Table” highlights the multifunctionality, catering to those seeking dual-purpose furniture.

To craft this bench:

  1. Design a bench with hinged seats that can be lifted to form a table.
  2. Use durable and smooth-working hardware for seamless transitions.
  3. Customize the size and style to fit your kitchen’s layout.

5. Foldable Wooden Bench: Build a Foldable Bench for Easy Storage When Not in Use

diy kitchen table benches

A foldable wooden bench is an ideal solution for kitchens where space is at a premium. When not in use, you can conveniently fold and store this bench, making it highly practical and versatile. The keyword “Foldable Wooden Bench” emphasizes the easy storage aspect, appealing to those with limited space.

To build this bench:

  1. Choose sturdy wood and hardware for the foldable mechanism.
  2. Ensure the bench is easy to fold and unfold.
  3. Consider adding a weather-resistant finish for outdoor use.

6. Upholstered Cushioned Bench: Add Comfort and Style with a Cushioned Bench

diy kitchen table benches

For a touch of elegance and comfort, an upholstered cushioned bench is the way to go. This bench not only provides cozy seating but also adds a luxurious and stylish element to your kitchen. The keyword “Upholstered Cushioned Bench” highlights the focus on comfort and style.

To create this bench:

  1. Select a durable and attractive fabric for the cushion.
  2. Build a sturdy wooden frame for the bench.
  3. Attach the cushion securely to the frame.

7. Storage Bench with Drawers: Create a Bench with Built-In Storage Drawers

Utilizing kitchen space efficiently is essential, and a storage bench with built-in drawers achieves just that. This bench offers a convenient storage solution for kitchen essentials, such as linens, utensils, and more. The keyword “Storage Bench with Drawers” emphasizes the practicality of this DIY project.

To create this bench:

  1. Design the bench with integrated drawers for storage.
  2. Use smooth glides for easy opening and closing of drawers.
  3. Customize the bench size and drawer configuration to suit your needs.

8. Modern Minimalist Bench: Design a Sleek and Simple Bench for Contemporary Kitchens

diy kitchen table benches

For those with a penchant for modern aesthetics, a minimalist bench is the perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen. This bench showcases clean lines and simplicity, complementing the overall modern design of the space. The keyword “Modern Minimalist Bench” appeals to those seeking a sleek and straightforward design.

To design this bench:

  1. Opt for sleek materials such as metal and leather or smooth wood finishes.
  2. Keep the design simple with straight lines and minimal ornamentation.
  3. Consider incorporating subtle curves or geometric shapes for added visual interest.

9. Concrete Block Bench: Make a Sturdy and Industrial-Style Bench Using Concrete Blocks

If you prefer an industrial-style look, a concrete block bench is an excellent choice. This DIY bench project utilizes concrete blocks as the base, creating a robust and urban-inspired piece of furniture. The keyword “Concrete Block Bench” highlights the sturdy and industrial nature of this design.

To make this bench:

  1. Gather concrete blocks and ensure they are clean and stable.
  2. Use a strong adhesive or mortar to stack the blocks securely.
  3. Optionally, add cushions or seating pads for comfort.

10. Window Nook Bench: Utilize a Kitchen Window Space for a Cozy Bench Nook

diy kitchen table benches

Transforming a kitchen window space into a cozy bench nook is an ingenious way to optimize your kitchen’s layout. This bench provides a delightful spot for enjoying morning coffee or reading a book with natural light. The keyword “Window Nook Bench” focuses on utilizing the often-underused kitchen window area.

To create this bench:

  1. Measure the window space and plan the dimensions of the bench.
  2. Build a sturdy base and comfortable cushioning for seating.
  3. Add some throw pillows and decorations to create a cozy ambiance.

11. Built-in Bench Seating: Integrate a Bench into Your

Kitchen Island or Nook

Built-in bench seating offers a seamless and space-saving solution for kitchens with islands or nooks. This type of bench is designed to fit snugly against walls or kitchen islands, maximizing space and providing a permanent seating solution. The keyword “Built-in Bench Seating” highlights the integration and space-saving aspect.

To integrate this bench:

  1. Measure the available space and design the bench accordingly.
  2. Choose materials that match the kitchen’s overall decor.
  3. Consider adding hidden storage beneath the bench for added functionality.

12. Recycled Door Bench: Repurpose an Old Door to Make a Unique Bench for the Kitchen

Repurposing an old door into a bench is an ingenious way to give new life to discarded materials. This DIY project results in a one-of-a-kind bench with character and history. The keyword “Recycled Door Bench” underscores the creative use of materials in this unique bench.

To repurpose this bench:

  1. Find an old door that fits the desired bench dimensions.
  2. Attach sturdy legs or a base to the door for stability.
  3. Sand and paint the door to achieve the desired look.

13. Reclaimed Wood Slab Bench: Use Reclaimed Wood for an Eco-Friendly Bench Solution

diy kitchen table benches

Embrace the beauty of nature with a reclaimed wood slab bench. This DIY project uses salvaged wood, making it an eco-friendly choice that aligns with sustainable sourcing. The keyword “Reclaimed Wood Slab Bench” emphasizes the environmentally conscious aspect.

To create this bench:

  1. Source reclaimed wood slabs from sustainable suppliers.
  2. Choose unique and visually appealing wood grains for a natural look.
  3. Finish the wood with eco-friendly sealants to preserve its beauty.

14. Bench with Fold-Out Table: Construct a Bench with a Hidden Fold-Out Dining Table

For kitchens with limited dining space, a bench with a fold-out table is a practical and efficient solution. This bench provides seating for everyday use and easily transforms into a dining table when needed. The keyword “Bench with Fold-Out Table” highlights the dual functionality.

To construct this bench:

  1. Design the bench with a fold-out mechanism for the table.
  2. Use quality hardware to ensure smooth folding and unfolding.
  3. Consider adding additional storage space beneath the seating.

15. Corner Breakfast Nook Bench: Create a Space-Efficient Bench for a Corner Breakfast Nook

Make the most of unused corner space in your kitchen by building a corner breakfast nook bench. This DIY project creates a cozy spot for family meals, adding both functionality and charm to your kitchen. The keyword “Corner Breakfast Nook Bench” highlights the space-efficient design.

To create this bench:

  1. Measure the corner space and plan the dimensions of the bench.
  2. Build a corner bench with a comfortable and supportive backrest.
  3. Pair the bench with a suitable table to complete the breakfast nook.


With these 15 DIY kitchen table bench solutions, you can transform your kitchen into a practical and stylish space. From repurposing pallets to crafting a corner breakfast nook, each project offers a unique and space-saving option. Remember to choose sustainable materials for eco-friendly choices that align with Google’s E-A-T principle.

By embracing the art of DIY, you not only add functional furniture to your kitchen but also infuse it with your creativity and personal touch. So, roll up your sleeves, pick a project, and start creating your dream kitchen table bench today!

FAQs About DIY Kitchen Table Bench Solutions

  1. Can I use treated wood for outdoor benches?
    Treated wood is suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to weather and insects. However, ensure it’s labeled safe for contact with food if you plan to use the bench for dining.
  2. How can I make my cushioned bench more comfortable?
    You can use high-density foam for the cushion to provide better support and comfort. Additionally, choose a soft and durable fabric for the cover.
  3. Can I customize the size of the convertible bench table?
    Absolutely! Adjust the dimensions of the bench table to fit your specific needs and available space.
  4. What type of adhesive should I use for a concrete block bench?
    For the best results, use construction-grade adhesive or mortar to secure the concrete blocks together.
  5. Is it difficult to build a window nook bench?
    The difficulty level depends on your woodworking skills and the complexity of the design. With proper planning and the right tools, building a window nook bench can be a rewarding DIY project.
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